Monday 10th June , 2024

  • Core and Cardio with Coach Tylor
  • ¬†Total Strength Fusion with Coach Maiya (Class Cancelled)

Tuesday 11th June, 2024

  • Full Body Party with Coach Elsa
  • Circadian Rhythm LIVE with Coach
  • Class Replay Option: BODY BEATDOWN

Wednesday 12th June, 2024

  • AfroZumba with Coach Richie
  • Back to Basics with Coach Maiya (Class Cancelled)
  • Class Replay Option: CORE CONNECTION

Thursday 13th June, 2024

  • LowerBody and Core with Coach Maiya
  • Zumba with Coach Elsa

Friday 14th June, 2024

  • Let's Get LIT with Coach Maiya
  • Class Replay Option: SOULFUL STRETCHING

Saturday 15th June, 2024

  • Body Beatdown with Coach Nadia
  • Class Replay Option: SOULFUL STRETCHING
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